SNAPS - Create, edit & share ALL your media

Storytelling is the art - SNAPS is the tool

SNAPS is Stories News and Photographs

the SNAPS software has been designed by GRN  with journalists in mind. We know what journalists need and what the news broadcasters will use to get content. The software makesrecording, editing and delivering audiovisual stories easy for any use - pro journalist, a witness at a news event or anybody with a desire for audio and video...

With SNAPS, correspondents in the field can travel light and use the internet to get their reports back to their newsrooms, with minimum fuss. They can use a small (discreet) video camera and store SNAPS on a memory stick so that they don’t have to carry their own laptop or other edit gear. And that can be especially valuable in conflict zones where reporters don’t want to attract adverse attention.

 With SNAPS you can:

  • Import video and/or audio from a variety of sources, be it mobile phone footage, high-end camera or directly recorded
  • Achieve unified quality across an edit, even where the source materials vary greatly
  • Easily edit a report with fully zoomable detail and control
  • Mix a range of clips from various sources and apply transitions and wipes
  • Easily add and edit audio tracks
  • Add subtitles
  • Add transcripts
  • Use chroma key
  • Export stories in a range of formats/codecs
  • Create files to FTP in many formats
  • Create DVDs, with navigable chapters
  • Create low resolution/slideshow versions for emailing, to market your story
  • Extract and send high quality stills
  • Broadcast live via the internet, using a webcam or plugged-in camera/microphone (operable directly via SNAPS)
  • Take part in a live two-way (send and receive via SNAPS and internet)

Video from GRNLive Correspondents